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Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Certainly not us

Did you get a chance to stop by my Youtube Channel and view my latest tutorial?  If not head on over there and crochet this fun, wolf beanie.   There is also an accompanying tutorial for the Little Red Riding Hood Inspired Cape.   Who doesn’t like fun stuff for kids.  

Boys won’t feel neglected when they can have their own hat.  Little girls will love their little red hood. 

Video 1

Video 2 
Video 3
Little Red Riding Hood   Video 1

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Update – Learning to use Polymer Clay

Hello Everyone, as some of you may know last weekend I attended the CHA mega show in Anaheim.  This is an industry show which is not open to the public.  CHA stands for Crafts and Hobby Association.  So many people were there showing their products.  Lots of great crafting products.  Ranging from scrapbooking, sewing, leather, wood, yarns, etc.  So much to take in.

One of the great perks is being able to see what is coming this year.  Also the swag bags were great.   I received polymer clay and some tools to use for clay work.  I decided to try out those things.  This is the first time making something other than buttons.  I keep seeing these cute stitch markers and decided to try to make some myself.  Here are some photos.   Not bad for my first try but I will definitely be getting more practice.  This was really fun, plus I can make unique items.  Here are some photos.  I’m thinking of doing a video tutorial once I get a little better.  What items would you like to see?

Check out the video here:


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Easy to Crochet Rose

Adding a Crochet Rose to any item is a beautiful way to embellish your hats, scarfs, blankets, etc.  This crochet rose is easy to make.  It has become one of my favorites crochet rose and I really like how easy and fast it is to make.   You can use any size hook (appropriate for yarn weight) and any type of yarn. To make this large rose 4″ (10cm) I am using a size J/10 6.00mm and medium weight yarn

Easy to Crochet Rose


Crochet Rose Instructions:

To begin:  Chain 74
Row 1: 1 hdc in each chain beginning in 2nd chain from hook. 
Row 2: ch 3, skip 2 st, sc, *skip 2 st, sc* repeat from * to * to end of row
Row 3: (1st third of ch-3 spaces),  ch 1 (counts as sc), [hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc] all in same ch-3 sp, *[sc, hdc, 3dc, hdc, sc] all in next ch-3 sp*, repeat from * to * for your remaining first third of work (stop when you reach your stitch marker). 
Row 3: (2nd third of ch-3 spaces), *[hdc, 5dc, hdc] all in next ch-3 sp*, repeat from * to * for next 1/3 of stitches (stop when you get to your next stitch marker)
Row 3: (last 1/3 of ch-3 spaces), *[hdc, 7 dc, hdc] all in next ch-3 sp*,  repeat from * to * to end of row, fasten off
Sewing the rose together:  To begin:  Roll strip like you would a fruit roll-up.  You will begin sewing the bottom edge of the strip (on the first row of hdc) the petals will remain free.  Work a little a time.  This is the wrong side of your work. 

Keep rolling and sewing your rose to your previous rolls… your piece will be taking shape on the reverse side.   To see a video tutorial you can go to my YouTube video tutorial.   When you finish rolling up and sewing your row (bottom edge)  sew in your tails.  You can now sew on a clip or  just sew your rose onto a hat, scarfs, etc.   I prefer to sew  a jewelry type of brooch pin to the back of the rose.  This allows me to remove the rose from my item in order to be able to wash my items or to use my rose on multiple pieces.     I hope you enjoy this Rose.  

Are you a visual learner?  No problem check out the video tutorial here:

Happy Crocheting! 
Yolanda Soto-Lopez
All Crafts Channel
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Crochet Ripple Stitch

Have you wanted to learn how to crochet the Ripple Stitch?  In this video you will learn how to crochet this stitch.  It is useful for making anything from baby size blankets thru king size blankets.  It can also be used to make scarfs, shawls, etc.

I explain how to calculate the number of starting chains for your project size.  I hope you enjoy it.  Here is the link:

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I will be in Anaheim, CA this weekend at CHA

Hello everyone.  I am so excited.  This weekend 01/11/14 thry  01/15/14,  I will be in Anaheim, California attending the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show at the Anaheim Convention Center.  (CHA)  This show is not open to the public but is  an industry event.  This is where buyers, sellers, and lots of creative professionals meet to exchange ideas, classes and present their products, interact, etc.   Many great new crafting products are introduced at this event.

This will be my first time attending and I am really looking forward to it.  The event takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center which is across the street from Disneyland (or pretty darn close).  I can’t wait to see what products will be presented at this event.   I am looking forward to meeting other Creative Folks like Mary Kathryn of CrochetChiq and once again visiting with my friend Zee.  I am especially grateful this show is taking place so close to my home and that the weather is expected to be great.

If you will be attending CHA this weekend I would love to meet you.  I will be roaming the floor trying to visit as many booths as possible.   If you are not a member of CHA I would still love to meet on Sunday.    Sunday will be my last day there but after 4pm I will be free to meet.  Stop by and say hello.  If several people are interested perhaps we can meet up for a meet and greet at a nearby restaurant or park.  (I’m not very familiar with the area but there are lots of restaurants within walking distance of the Convention Center.)

Anaheim, California here I come!

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